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Have to write these down.
A writer is not someone who writes beautiful words, but a person who can show someone beauty in any word.

Love is an amazing thing that tosses you about until you land on your head and you still don't know which end is up. It's not blind, it's dizzy.

"Now, here's the important part: I note pairings, ratings and warnings in the headers, so if you see something that isn't your cup of tea, or inappropriate for your age, or plain something you don't care for, feel free to exercise the right to scroll and rape that backspace button like there's no tomorrow." Written by wave_of_sorrow Taken off her Master Fan Fiction list found here.: http://wave-of-sorrow.livejournal.com/8196.html?view=662532#t662532

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The Female More Deadly Than The Male. AKA Miltary Woman .
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Under this Cut is a pic spam, first one I've ever done, it's not a fandom, it's because of what that idiot man has said above. Women are strong, those who chose to fight have every right too, have every right to do it right next to their male counter parts.

If I take it from what he is said; it is the men that have the problem, so not only did he get one sex with one blow but two. A solider should be a solider no matter their sex or sexuality.

They want to live and die for this country? Can't he see what they are giving up? The path they have chosen? It's noble to go out there knowing very well that your life can be put at risk. That danger is everywhere and you aren't sure if you are going to make it home.

They do this so that everyone they love can stay here: safe and unharmed. They do this so that he can have his rights. So that we all can have our rights. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts, they are a part of us.

It is a dishonor to them to speak as if they can not fight just because they do not have their sex organs hanging on the in side. Just as it is a dishonor to say just because you find your own sex to be your liking that you will be checking out your bunk mates. I think you have more on your mind when you are in a war zone. It shouldn't matter. Everyone should have a chance to follow their own path.

I am no warrior. I will never be one. That doesn't mean I am not forever grateful to the men and women that are. Bless them and may they all return safe to their families.

(That no matter what I do seems to have the same have pictures in there twice, I am just going to leave it.)

But this one is for the women:
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Please comment and add pictures, stories and what ever else. I am also going to leave this un-friend locked. Something else I don't do. IF you find your picture here, please note that I didn't take it for evil things but because I wanted to honor you, so please don't sue or be mad.

All my love.

Miss Gigi

Nighttime Visitations, Jack/Grant, rated G.
Title: Nighttime Visitations
Author: GiGi
Rating: G
Warnings: Slash, hint of Dom/sub
Pairings: Jack/Grant
Spoilers: None.
Summary: It had been one of those days, where everything went to hell, where they thought they were going to lose people.

“Come here, sport.”
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Please read.

From crabby_lioness ' LJ.

When Hell Came to Our Home Mega Post
Please repost this story far and wide. One forum already refused it as being too "troublesome", but I am terrified as to what will happen to my children and myself if no one knows.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Help With Recording

Part 4

Part 2A

October 11 Update